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Want to know your monthly loan payment or how much interest your deposit will earn? Maybe you want to try different mortgage scenarios – increasing or decreasing your down payment, for example. Or you want to know more about FDIC insurance. Get quick answers with the links below.

Deposit accounts

Calculate the interest you’ll earn. Even adjust compounding to reflect monthly, quarterly and semiannual options. Click here

Home or construction loans, including balloon payments

Just fill in your loan amount, annual interest rate, down payment, loan term and balloon payment to see your monthly payment, total amount paid, and total interest. Even play with different figures to see how changing the term or the length of the loan affects your payment. Click here

Other loans

Discover how the type of loan you choose – amortized, interest only and more – affects your monthly payments with this quick, easy to use calculator. Click here

FDIC Insurance

For a full explanation of the insurance coverage of your various accounts, visit the FDIC website. Click here

Want even more information? Your Insured Deposits is a free booklet that gives a detailed description of FDIC deposit insurance coverage for most account categories. Download it here