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Business Savings


It may be a rainy day stash for emergencies, a down payment for a home, or a retirement or college account – nothing beats that confident feeling of having money in the bank. Save regularly at Berkley Bank and you’ll be prepared.

Money Market Account

Maybe you write only a couple of checks per month, regularly keep a high balance, and want to be rewarded for it? In that case, check out our premier deposit account, our Money Market Account. It pays our highest rates, with interest tiered so your rate increases as your balance increases.

  • Unlimited deposits
  • Up to 6 withdrawals or transfers allowed per statement cycle
  • Interest compounded and paid monthly
  • Free Online Banking
  • Service charges may apply for low balances

Personal Savings Accounts

Whether you’re saving for a family vacation, holiday gifts or just like to keep a rainy day fund for those unexpected expenses, we understand! Sometimes you need quick access to your money – which is why everyone should have a Regular Savings Account. It pays you interest and keeps your money easily accessible.

  • Low minimum balance to open
  • Up to 18 withdrawals or transfers per quarterly statement cycle
  • Interest compounded and paid quarterly
  • Free Online Banking Available 
  • Automatic alerts, estatements and more to make your banking easier, faster and more convenient
  • Service charges may apply for low balances

Certificates of Deposit

CDs are an effortless way to save with the terms you desire. While you’re not watching, your money keeps growing. Result: a tidy nest egg with no effort. CDs are also an excellent choice for your IRA.

  • Low minimum balance to open
  • Various terms to meet your needs with interest paid and compounded semi-annually
  • Available with automatic renewal or single maturity – your choice
  • Free Online Banking

Please call or stop by for details. For more information on any of our products or services, please call 303-770-0361.