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Welcome to a New Brand of Personal Service.  

We’re a family owned and operated community bank – and that means you work with real people. We don’t just talk about delivering service that you seldom experience anywhere else - we show it in a thousand little ways and some big important ones too.

Before we can deliver personal service, we have to get to know you so we take the time to learn what’s important to you and how we can help. You’re important to us and you’ll get the attention you deserve, including easy access to decision-makers. When you call, you talk to a real live person – someone who knows you – and not a machine.

Bank anywhere and everywhere with online and mobile banking - you can even make deposits when you’re away from the bank or an ATM. Your schedule may take you all over town, or even out of town, but Berkley Bank is always as close as your computer or smart phone.

Loan decisions are fast. Since all decisions are made right here, you will get an answer in just a day or two. And because we want you to be a customer for life, we’ll offer alternative solutions when we believe they are in your best interest.

Even our hours are flexible. Yes, 8:30am-5:00pm is written on the door – but we also understand car pools, baby sitters, and meetings that run late. So we’ve been known to open a little earlier or stay a little later to accommodate you.

And when was the last time a banker came out to your car to pick up a deposit?

We Know You Value Your Money.

Maybe it’s our small town origins but we know you value your money. Fees are kept to a minimum – and you will find that they’re lower than what most other institutions charge. We promise that we won’t try to sell you on accounts you don’t want or lines of credit you don’t need. If you need a service, we’re delighted to help – but that’s for you to decide. You can also have a real conversation with our bankers – whether it’s about your financial needs or who’s going to make the playoffs.

Discover the Berkley Bank difference for yourself. Contact us about opening an account today.