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Maybe you have a small business or small service firm, and when you walk into your bank, you feel, well, small.

If so, it’s time to talk to Berkley Bank. Here, small business is important business.

When you’re a Berkley Bank customer, we’ll work with you to meet the needs of your particular business and the way you operate. Maybe your cash flow fluctuates seasonally. We can help with that. Or you need more resources – people and materials – to service that big account you just landed or fill that huge order. We can help with that, too. You don’t have to explain the needs of small business to us!

Businesses grow on cash. That’s the reason it’s called “seed” money.  

Talk to us about setting up a secured working line of credit that you can draw on to take advantage of opportunities, hire staff or acquire inventory. A specialty of Berkley Bank is providing loans and lines of credit for businesses that want to purchase or refinance their buildings. And if you invest in real estate, we can help finance multiple investment properties.

  • Commercial property purchase or refinance  
  • Construction loans
  • Lines of credit
  • Working capital loans  
  • Equipment loans  
  • Business acquisition or expansion loans  
  • Letters of credit  
  • Aircraft financing  
  • Investment properties  
  • SBA 504 loans  

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business.