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You deserve quick answers. That's why we provide fast, easy access to decision makers.

Business Banking

At Berkley Bank, we do business the way you do business: smart, personal, fast.

Apply for a Berkley Bank loan or line of credit and you’ll be working with a decision maker and have an answer in just a couple of days. Loans aren’t hamstrung in committees or tied up in red tape. You can count on us for fast decisions, flexible terms and smart solutions.

Bend-Over-Backwards Service.

How far do we go to deliver the best service you’ve ever had from a bank? How about bankers that will come out to your car to take your deposit?

Our bankers go out of their way to learn your name, understand your business, anticipate your needs and refer your business to other customers. Our products and services are easy to understand and even easier to use. Moving accounts and transitioning to Berkley? We do the legwork and make it as easy as possible. We’ll even take care of your personal banking, too.

Straight Talk.

We want you as a customer for life so we will use our expertise and experience to structure loans that make sense for both of us. And we’ll even tell you frankly if a proposed deal isn’t in your best interest or suggest alternatives that may work better for you. As your bank, we’ll work to help your company become more profitable and more competitive for the long term.