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Cat Certified Rebuilds

The CCR Program Includes The Following:

Inspection/Evaluation - The condition of the machine is thoroughly inspected. This includes Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS) Fluid Analysis, inspecting attachments, and reviewing maintenance and service records.

Disassembly - The machine is completely disassembled down to the basic machine frame. All parts are carefully inspected and measured against the Caterpillar Parts Reusability Guidelines. Certain parts (including hoses, belts, seals, gaskets, bearings, knobs, wiring, switches, and gauges) are always replaced with new parts.

Reconditioning - Frames are examined, straightened, reinforced and welded when necessary. Worn linkage pins and shaft bearings are replaced and hydraulic systems are brought back to original levels of performance and reliability.

Engineering Updates - Certain engineering improvements and updates may have been made since original manufacturing of the machine. Many of these improvements will be incorporated into the machine when it is reassembled.

Engine/Transmission Tests - Engine, transmission, and torque converter are completely disassembled, inspected, reconditioned, and updated to Caterpillar Certified Rebuild Standards. Each component is thoroughly bench tested before installation in the machine.

Reassembly - Critical clearances and pressure settings are all maintained and recorded.

Performance Testing - All critical systems are tested to verify that they meet stringent rebuild specifications. All tests are periodically audited by Caterpillar to ensure the finished product meets Caterpillar standards.

Repainting - The entire machine is painted and new identifying graphics are applied resulting in a new looking machine.

New Serial Number - A new serial number identifies the machine and certifies that is has completed the rebuild process. The rebuilt machine carries a like-new machine warranty.

Customer Evaluation - The rebuild process is complete when the customers are satisfied with the reliability, productivity, and availability of the machine as it operates in their working environment.

Download a Caterpillar brochure explaining the Certified Power Train Rebuild and the Cat Certified Rebuild

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