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Puckett Machinery is proud to offer you more equipment management solutions than anyone else in central and southern Mississippi. Our job is to help you achieve the lowest owning and operating cost possible while realizing superior up-time throughout the life of your machine. Did you know that a Caterpillar machines and components are built from the ground up to be worked hard, rebuilt, and worked just as hard again? That means that your Cat machine could literally live twice as long as the competition’s machine could. What does that mean to you? It means that when you would normally be getting rid of a competitive unit, the Caterpillar machine is just getting warmed up! With a wide array of rebuild options and the best trained technical staff in the industry, Puckett Machinery is certain to have a rebuild option to fit your specific needs.

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Img 0192a Puckett Machinery Component Rebuild:
A particular component in need (engine, transmission, etc.) is rebuilt, bringing new life to the heart of your machine—plus, you get to take advantage of all the latest updates in safety and technology. Ask us about certified Cat programs targeted to your engine and drive train that add performance to your machine and profit to your bottom line.

Img 0194a Puckett Machinery Rebuild
This rebuild allows you to choose which components and systems should be rebuilt so you get the best continued value and performance from your Caterpillar machine. Our expert technicians provide a complete machine inspection. We then you determine exactly which areas are necessary to rebuild based upon your budget and machine application. Engine, drive train, cab, or hydraulic system—one or all—you “customize” your machine’s rebuild. And all work performed by Puckett Machinery Company in our shop is covered by warranty.

Dsc 0457a CPT (Certified Power Train Rebuild)
The CPT program is a dealer rebuild of the entire power train. This program is similar to the Cat Certified Rebuild program in that the power train components are completely disassembled and all critical engineering updates are incorporated. The CPT includes extended power train coverage through Cat Insurance.

C630925a CCR (Caterpillar Certified Rebuild)
The Caterpillar Certified Rebuild Program offers a like-new machine with a like-new warranty and a new serial number, all at a fraction of the cost of a comparable new machine.

The program starts with a complete machine inspection. Then the machine is completely disassembled and rebuilt from the ground up to include all Caterpillar product updates. More than 350 tests and inspections (plus the automatic replacement of more than 7,000 parts) ensure the same high level of quality as a new Caterpillar machine.

All rebuild options have the opportunity to qualify for like new financing and warranty. Click here to learn more