Heavy Machinery Preventive Maintenance and Repair Plans

Preventive Maintenance

A Preventive Maintenance Plan is simply that… an agreement between you and Puckett Machinery Company giving us the opportunity to further support you and your equipment. Our goal is to do everything possible to help you lower the owning and operating costs associated with your equipment.

At Puckett Machinery, we can handle as much or as little of your equipment management needs as you wish. This can be as simple as a Preventive Maintenance Agreement in which we perform all scheduled maintenance, or as complex as a Total Maintenance & Repair Agreement in which we absolutely guarantee equipment performance and availability.

Every Preventive Maintenance Plan is different depending on customer needs. We cater to you with plans tailored specifically for you. We are fully equipped to maintain your machine—at any time of the day or night. Most of our technicians are onsite during the night maintaining equipment in order to make sure that your machines are ready to go when you arrive on your jobsite in the morning. We work late so you don’t have to!

Puckett Machinery technicians are experts in equipment maintenance and are highly trained to recognize problems with your equipment prior to a major downtime failure. We keep an eye on your equipment so that you can keep an eye on your job and your bottom line. Puckett Machinery Company currently maintains over 1,100 machines throughout our given territory and would love the opportunity to show you just how easy it is to let us take all of the worry out of equipment management for you. A Preventive Maintenance Plan with Puckett Machinery Company will without a doubt save you time and money while keeping your equipment in optimal running condition—all while increasing your uptime and improving your overall equipment asset and resale value. Give us a call today!

To find out more, contact your Puckett Machinery Product Support Sales Representative today.

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