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Puckett Global Services Inc

Puckett Global Services operates worldwide, offering equipment commissioning, decommissioning, full maintenance and repair—both domestically and internationally. Our Caterpillar trained technicians perform a wide range of equipment services anywhere in the world. Puckett Global Services is a military contractor performing in-theatre equipment repair for both the United States Army and the United States Navy.

We are always on the lookout for skilled heavy equipment technicians with the ability to perform maintenance and repair work overseas.

To learn how Puckett Global Services can support your project, please contact:
Bob Bowman
Vice President, Product Support
Telephone: (601) 592-0624
Fax: (601) 969-1339

If you’d like more information concerning employment with Puckett Global Services Inc., please contact: 

Teresa Odom
Director of Human Resources
Telephone: (601) 969-6000
Fax: (601) 592-0615

Or, use our simple PGSI Quick Screening Survey to help determine if you may be qualified for employment as a Puckett Global Services technician. To get started with this survey, click here.

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